At Linea Stone, not only are we passionate about delivering state of the art solid stone bench tops, we are passionate about protecting the environment during the production of them.

Leading the way in our industry through sustainable practice has many benefits:

  • While many are expensive to install; the return on investment means a cost saving to the customer down the track.
  • Safer environments for employees to work in
  • Water stewardship
  • Waste management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Setting a standard for other fabricators
  • Energy efficiencies
  • Reduced particulate emissions to atmosphere

Water Stewardship

Being aware of how our business affects the environment means we are able to limit our impact.  Water is a key resource, with a combined consumption of over 150 litres per minute being utilized between the 3 Intermacs (40 litres per minute), two saws (20 litres per minute each) plus hand tools, all of which require water cooling.

To prevent further water consumption we were the first in New Zealand to install a closed loop water recycling process to be used with for our specialist system. Water used by the machines are passed through a recycling unit which can produce 500 litres per minute.
The upshot of all of this technology is that we clean and recycle the same water without drawing fresh water from town supply.  Any volume lost through evaporation is replaced through our rainfall catchment system on the roof.

We believe we are leading the industry in water minimisation and stewardship in New Zealand and proud to do so.


To house our high tech equipment we opted to refurbish an old, high stud building with an ideal footprint for our business. Refurbishing existing buildings such as this has huge environmental benefits though the reduced need for new resources such as building materials.


We have installed clearlite roofing which provides exceptional light levels throughout the factory and offices.  This which reduces the need to turn the lights on at all.  Most days the factory operates purely with natural daylight only and only the office uses electricity for lighting.  The factory has been upgraded to energy efficient LED lighting.


Our state of the art equipment offers not only the promise of a top quality finish but a much lower than expected power bill.  Operating efficiencies ensure that these machines provide the highest amount of production for the least energy. 

Waste Minimisation

Reducing waste to landfill is a priority for Linea Stone – we have several methods of achieving this.  Initially, by striving to avoid waste in the first place, then to reuse and recycle.


By using world leading Dutch technology to create our templates digitally we avoid creating waste from other materials in the process.

Furthermore we have impeccable accuracy meaning the job is done once and done right.


Waste is sorted into recyclables, granite for hardfill and lastly general waste.


Offcuts are put aside for use as vanities, fire hearths and other small odd jobs, reducing the impact on landfills as far as possible.


Office paper and commercial cardboard is reused or recycled.

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