How “green” is the Linea Stone manufacturing processes?

At Linea Stone, not only are we passionate about delivering state of the art solid stone bench tops, we are passionate about protecting the environment during the production of them.

Our templating is done digitally as opposed to most of our competitors who use mdf or plastic sheets the full size of your bench. We use none. Our water is recycled to be re-run through the machinery’s spindles. Lighting in our factory is largely natural and when electricity is needed it is provided only in zones, as required. Stone offcuts are also held for re-use wherever possible. We even recycle our office paper. We think this is a responsible attitude toward the environment. Despite the additional upfront expenditure for some of these initiatives, they also provide cost savings which assist us in providing our competitive pricing.

Leading the way in our industry through sustainable practice has many benefits:

  • While many are expensive to install; the return on investment means a cost saving to the customer down the track.
  • Safer environments for employees to work in
  • Water stewardship
  • Waste management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Setting a standard for other fabricators
  • Energy efficiencies
  • Reduced particulate emissions to atmosphere